Bloomington Normal Swim Club
Mission Statement:
Not for Profit 501(c)3
Head Swim Coach
Jennifer Godlewski
To build and maintain a highly successful community centered competitive swim program using sound business, teaching, and training principles, while focusing on the importance of athletes developing character, personal responsibility, and self-discipline in the pursuit of excellence in swimming and in life. 

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Congratulations to our LCM Championship Team Qualifiers listed below.  Good luck to all at Regionals, State, and Zones!!!   We are all rooting for you.   


Courtney Bahan - Regionals

Mason Burns - Regionals, State

Ira Davalbhkta - Regionals

Declan Duley - Regionals, State

Erin Eicher - Regionals

Jesse Fewkes - Regionals, State

Meghan Fitzgerald - Regionals

Hadley Fudge - Regionals

Harrison Fudge - Regionals, State, Zones

Jade Fung - Regionals

Elijah Gray - Regionals, State

Morghan Hackman - Regionals, State

Melanie Johnson - Regionals

Isaac Kim - Regionals, State

Megan Knoll - Regionals

Claire Malinowski - Regionals

Emma Maubach - Regionals

Owen Nelson - Regionals, State

Josh Nepomuceno - Regionals, State, Zones

Kalen Nepomuceno - Regionals, State

Ben Patty-G'Sell - Regionals, State

Robby Pratt - Regionals, State

Andy Ritsema - Regionals, State

Josephine Schmidt - Regionals

Oscar Schmidt - Regionals

Matt Staver - Regionals, State

Camden Swigart - Regionals, State, Zones

Emily Swigart - Regionals, State

Brooke Walker - Regionals

Mara Walker - Regionals, State

Lizzy Zacharias - Regionals


BNSC Equipment

Stroke Development
Age Group 1


BNSC Families: If you have photos from any of the meets or team gatherings, and you would like to share them on the team website, please send them to swaltner@byapex.comEveryone would love to see them!!